We're working with our
clients to build a safer, more
sustainable world.

A great construction project starts with the right foundation.

Whether you're building a sports field, a playground, or an outdoor living space to simply relax, Brock is the only company that has specifically engineered the optimal foundation for your particular surface. We make surfaces safer and perform better for longer. We make them easier and faster to build. And we reduce the energy cost to build them. We do all this in the industries only Cradle to Cradle Certified products so you know you are making the most environmental choice.

Sports fields

Athletic FieldBrock is the established leader in athletic field safety. We are the only company that engineered shock absorbing drainage systems specific for artificial turf, and have changed the way people think about athletic field performance, safety, sustainability and the quality of their investment. Our PowerBase line are the only cradle to Cradle Certified products in the synthetic turf industry.


PaversPiggybacking off of our knowledge of athletic field construction, Brock invented the idea of an easier base for homeowners that replaces the old school “dig a hole and fill it in” approach to residential paver patios and paths. Brock PaverBase is sold at Lowe’s and Menards. It saves, time, money and labor, so you can build your dream patio in a weekend.


PlaygroundThe use of artificial turf in playgrounds is growing, and is a more durable alternative to poured in place rubber. So we engineered a safety and drainage layer to make the playground safer, easy to install, and highly durable. So you only have to replace the turf when it wears out, not the whole system.


FlooringBrock created the base material for EasyMat, a lightweight, roll-out "foundation" for use under tile floors that replaces heavy 1/4" backerboard at a fraction of the weight. It takes our “Lighter, easier, faster” approach to do it yourself building projects and takes it indoors for your bathroom, kitchen or whatever room you want to tile.



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